‘Noirland’: Coleraine’s answer to Pulp Fiction

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COLERAINE novellist and screenwriter Philip Henry is trying to raise funds for his first feature length film.

Noirland is a multi-layered murder mystery, based loosely on the cult Hollywood box office smash Pulp Fiction.

Philip, well known for his excellent horror novels, has so far directed several acclaimed short films. This will be his second feature and he hopes - if the money can be raised - that shooting can begin in April.

Noirland tells the story of murdered girl clutching a flash-drive in her hand as she dies.

The police recover the item but discover that it is encrypted. Can the investigators solve the mystery and find out why the victim was killed?

Philip promises: “With action, mystery, romance, suspense and a dash of humour, Noirland has something for everyone.”

The director has until February 22 to come up with £3,000 for the project.

He says: “Over the years we’ve made a lot of contacts doing short films, and though people have been very kind at donating locations, goods and services to our micro-budget productions, we are now at the point where we want to make something a lot more ambitious, and that’s going to take a little more money than our usual budget of a few hundred pounds.

“We are aiming to shoot the first two weeks of April, weather permitting. To get the film finished in this timeframe will mean long days for all involved. That means feeding and transporting actors and crew to all the locations, as well as sourcing the props and costumes we need to make the film look authentic.

“We also want to get this film seen by as many people as possible. This will mean renting various venues and entering it in as many film festivals as our budget will allow. Film festivals also mean travel costs and promotional materials like posters, CDs and DVDs.

“For the film’s music we are approaching Northern Ireland’s top up-and-coming bands and asking them to donate songs towards the soundtrack. This will give them exposure and give us a Noirland CD that we can use to promote the film’s screenings on radio.”

Philip will also use local actors and needs more crew members to join in the ambitious project.

If all goes to plan the film will be completed by the autumn.

For further details or to make a donation visit www.sponsume.com/project/noirland