Search for smartest person on earth...via HARDEST IQ test ever

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RECKON you’ve got brains to burn?

Then why not check out the World I.Q. Challenge: The Search for the Smartest Person on Earth.

Conceived by it’s creator as an international competition for smart people, a specially written power test consisting of 18 questions has been devised.

The test is taken without supervision and is so difficult the rules permit the use of reference aids. The competition closes when it reaches one million contestants. The person with the highest raw score at that time will be declared the official winner.

“We are looking for the Alpha Mind. The God of I.Q.,” explains Brennan Martin, owner of the website and author of the test.

“This global intellectual challenge is not for pretenders. Based on the current data set, an average Mensa member will get a fat zero on their score report.

“This is way out of their league. My earnest advice to these wannabes at the bottom of the I.Q. food chain: Stick to Sudoku and building baby block sets. Keep your Monopoly money.”

To ensure contestants take the test seriously and are discouraged from resubmitting under pseudonyms, the Challenge is open to the public and has an entry fee.

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