Back to school advice for parents and carers

The start of a new school term can often be exciting but also a little scary and daunting, not just for the children but also for parents.

Whether a child is starting P1 or moving onto secondary education, it can leave parents or carers feeling anxious as to how their child will adapt to the transition.

Parenting NI CEO, Pip Jaffa OBE explains: “Children who feel happy and content in school do better and when parents are involved and supportive of their learning they achieve even better. So, helping a child to think positively and feel confident about school can make all the difference.”

The parenting support organisation are reminding parents and carers that as back to school time approaches to remain calm and positive about school life.

For those whose children are starting school for the first time it can be a rather emotional milestone but if parents are calm and relaxed about the event, children are often more likely to adapt better.

Other top tips for parents and carers on entering the new school year include, being familiar with the schools policies and procedures and knowing what is expected from both parents/carers and children, listen to any problems or concerns your child may have and reassure them, if there is anything you are overly worried about have a chat with your child’s teacher and try to re-establish bedtime routines towards the end of the holidays in preparation.

Parenting NI offers a freephone helpline and counselling service throughout Northern Ireland. If you are concerned about your child returning to school or have any other parenting issue you would like to discuss you can contact the Parents Helpline on 0808 8010 722 or e-mail