A little Ping Pong from Zing!

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Zing welcomed their customers and friends along to an open day to celebrate being one year in their new premises in the Loughanhill Industrial Estate.

Not only have Zing, who began life as a business in 1960 under the title Display Aids Printing, managed to maintain their reputation over the years as a top quality printing business, but they have constantly pushed ahead in terms of innovation and technology.

Guests saw their online marketing and print automation service, PingPong in action.

Hot from its official launch at Belfast’s Smart Business show, PingPong impressed visitors to the open day with its clever template based editing system.

Chamber President Ian Donaghey MBE remarked, “It’s really great to see this magnitude of innovation from a business with such longevity as Zing.

“It’s the sort of thing we need to see more of in the North West.

“Zing has clearly invested in something which could save local businesses a great deal of time and money, which is great for everyone really.” Thanks for a great day, Zing.

It was wonderful to see one of Coleraine’s longest standing businesses still going strong.

Zing highlighted their Ping Pong product at Northern Ireland’s first ever Smart Business Show in Belfast - with some excellent feedback.

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