Coleraine's NF leader "thanks" MLA

THE Coleraine branch leader of the National Front has "thanked" local MLA John Dallat for helping their recruitment.

Referring to a BBC Radio Foyle interview last Tuesday involving Mr Dallat and the National Front, Coleraine branch leader Mark Brown said: “I would like to applaud Mr Dallat for becoming the best recruitment officer that the Coleraine branch of the National Front could every have dreamed of after he criticised us on a Radio Foyle interview.”

Mr Brown claimed that since the interview, enquiries has doubled and NF membership had soared.

“What John Dallat subconsciously does not realise is that his anti-British and anti-Protestant claptrap is worn, has whimpered and has died.

“He has failed the folk of Coleraine in his miserable attempt to win support.

“The National Front in Coleraine, and indeed throughout the entire province, has been restructured are now better prepared than every to bite back against the likes of John Dallat and the various left-wing looney groups that he and his party finances each year to combat any re-emergence of the National Front or any other pro-British movement.

“We have been smeared in the past, though now, the National Front in Coleraine, and elsewhere, have a duty to react and echo the concerns of the silent majority.

“We have the backing of some local businessmen who will help the National Front to facilitate an election campaign next spring. However, elections are of secondary importance to myself and to the leadership.

“We would rather build on what have first but we do have a select few individuals who are willing to stand for the National Front in Coleraine,” he concluded.