Council has a serious issue with openess: McQuillan

Adrian McQuillan DUP
Adrian McQuillan DUP
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A local councillor claims that Coleraine Borough Council has a ‘serious issue with openess’.

DUP councillor Adrian McQuillan’s comments came at last Tuesday night’s Leisure and Development committee meeting.

Part of the meeting was listed ‘in committee’. This excludes members of the public and the press from the meeting.

Councillor McQuillan objected, he said: “This Council has a serious issue with openess and transparancy.

“I just don’t understand why certain things on this agenda are being held in committee.”

Independent councillor Christine Alexander agreed, and questioned why issues such as the Rugby Avenue were listed in committee.

The Mayor, UUP councillor David Harding agreed and asked that in future an explantion should be given by Council Officers about why items are being discussed in committee.

On being put ot a vote, ten voted in favour of excluding the press, seven voted against.

The Mayor added: “ This issue really needs to be clarified.”