Councillors impressed by work of Age Concern Causeway

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MEMBERS of Age Concern Causeway have been praised for their work after making a presentation to Coleraine Borough Council.

Leah Glass and Sabina Jones spoke about the work the independent voluntary organisation does for older people in the Coleraine area.

Vice chairman of the organisation, Sabrina told members that over 800 older people in the Coleraine area took part in the activities organised by Age Concern Causeway.

She asked Council to support the organisation to enable them to continue to provide for the ageing population.

Independent councillor David McClarty spoke very highly of the branch.

He said: “Society would collapse if it were not for volunteers.

“Age Concern Causeway have fully committed dedicated volunteers who have expertise in various areas.

“Our economy is at a low ebb, there are cuts by local and central government, and that affects people who are at the most vulnerable. The help that Age Concern Causeway provides is vital.”

Councillor McClarty went on to appeal to Council to do what they could to help support the organisation in the “tremendous work that they do.”

UUP councillor David Barbour described the work of the charity as “honourable” and added that the Coleraine Council had the second highest elderly population in Northern Ireland.

SDLP councillor Gerry McLaughlin congratulated the charity on their efforts, adding: “The world has changed.

“We know what is happening in America, in Afghanistan, but we don’t know who are neighbours are, it is very sad. But the work that Age Concern does with older people in our community is great for beating loneliness.”