Craigvara Cottage still being investigated, Council told

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PLANNERS have assured Coleraine Borough Council that enforcement action on Craigvara Cottage in Portrush is “being actively investigated”.

Planning officer Michael Wilson made the comment at Tuesday’s meeting of Council’s Planning Committee.

Councillors were discussing a letter from a member of the public which asked them to write to the Planning Minister Alex Attwood and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency on the issue of the Cottage.

The local resident who contacted Council claimed that the developer had ignored Planning regulations and they were worried that the enforcement order would expire without adjustments being made.

The resident also informed Council that the house was due to lose its grade 2 listing in the Autumn.

Cllr Mark Fielding claimed that part of the enforcement order, which said cameras around the cottage were to removed, had not been adhered to.

Cllr Fielding told the meeting that the removal of cameras was ordered after an office meeting in February.

“I understand they were removed six weeks after the office meeting but last Friday, the cameras were not all removed. There are still some there,” he told Council.

Cllr Christine Alexander said objectors were becoming increasingly concerned about the enforcement order.

“The applicant says he will comply with two out of the three conditions - that says it all.”

She said she appreciated Mr Wilson’s assurance but asked for a monthly update on the situation.

Mr Wilson said: “This is currently under investigation. I wish to reassure you that we take all cases of enforcement seriously.”