Counterfeit £20 Ulster Bank notes circulating: PSNI

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POLICE are warning businesses and residents in the Coleraine area to watch out for counterfeit £20 Ulster Bank notes in circulation.

“There’s been a real spate of these in Coleraine and Portrush over the past few weeks being passed in local shops and to purchase items advertised privately for sale,” said Detective Inspector Sean Fitzpatrick.

“The notes are not of great quality and by following some simple checks you won’t get caught out.”

Police have received about eight reports of the notes - probably produced from colour photocopier - being passed.

Local business people, staff and the public to check notes carefully before accepting them and to report any suspicious incidents.

There are a number of steps, which can be taken to raise awareness amongst retailers and customers, and also to deter criminals.

· Display clear warning signs stating: - ‘Counterfeit currency checks will be carried out’

· Ensure store staff are aware of how to examine notes.

Genuine notes can be recognised by the following observations:

· Does the main printing feel raised?

· Can you see a bold and clear watermark when the note is held up to the light?

· Does the note feel crisp and not limp, waxy or shiny?

· Is the print clear, sharp and well defined?

· Are the colours clear and distinct? Compare the suspect note against a note which is known to be genuine.

· Is the security thread continuous when the note is held up to the light?