Don’t give thieves an early Christmas present

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POLICE in Coleraine are asking the local community to be vigilant and not to give opportunistic thieves an early Christmas present by leaving possessions unattended.

There have been a number of reports of theft in the greater Coleraine area, and police are asking members of the public to keep an eye on their belongings at all times.

As the festive party season gets underway, police are also advising members of the public to look after their wallets and purses when out socialising.

Coleraine Coast Inspector Paul McCracken said: “Not only should personal belongings be in your possession at all times, but make sure that both your home and vehicle is protected against theft.

Criminals will look for unlocked windows and doors to help themselves to the contents of your home or car.

“With the busy shopping season almost upon us, I would ask that members of the public do not allow themselves to be targetted by thieves because they have not taken the correct measures to secure their property.”

The increased footfall in the area will also provide an opportunity for criminals to strike. Always keep your personal belongings either safely out of sight or close to your person.

“We would also ask members of the community to report any suspicious activity to us immediately. If you believe someone may be trying to enter premises or a vehicle unlawfully, report it to police by contacting 0845 600 8000; you never know, it could be yours.”