Charged for success: Council hosts e-car event

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Coleraine Borough Council hosted an e-car information day at Cloonavin.

Minister for the Environment Mark H Durkan and Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy attended the event.

A number of local car dealers also attended the roadshow, giving members the public a chance to test drive electric models.

Highlighting the importance of e-cars, Minister Durkan told those present that transport must become sustainable and that by changing to an e-car Northern Ireland drivers would be helping to reduce carbon emissions.

“Be innovative, embrace new technology,” urged the Environment Minister.

He added: “ I want Northern Ireland to be a leader in carbon reduction.

“There has never been a better time to switch to one of these cars of the future.”

In Northern Ireland there are around 130 e-car owners.

These owners can make use of 160 fast charge points and 14 rapid charge points.

In the Borough of Coleraine there are six charge points.

Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy urged those present to consider the benefits of an e-car. He pointed out that they ‘were a real option for Northern Ireland drivers’.

Mayor of Coleraine, councillor David Harding told those present that Coleraine Borough Council was ‘committed’ to the e-car project. He said: “The fact that there are two Ministers here today stresses the commitment of the Departments and the importance they place on the Ecar project.

“Coleraine Borough Council is equally committed to the Ecar providing important services for the Borough.

“This includes safeguarding the environment and our general health and wellbeing, which looks at a healthier lifestyle and saving money.

“Coleraine Borough Council voted to join the car consortium, contributing £10,000 towards the project and receiving a number of charge points in the Borough in return.

“There are currently 5 Charge Points within the Borough, which includes one Rapid Charge Point in Portrush. One in Kilrea, two in Coleraine and two in Portrush.”


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