Flowerfield to show Noirland

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Made for just £3,000 and filmed over four months, Noirland is a testament to hard work, Northern Ireland’s creative communities, and the dogged determination of all involved.

The film, which took audiences by storm at this year’s Belfast Film festival, will be shown on the big screen at Flowerfield Arts Centre in Portstewart on Thursday, November 27 at 8pm. Admission is only £4, payable at the door – with proceeds helping the filmmakers enter the movie in forthcoming film festivals.

Local novelist Philip Henry was tired of every Northern Ireland film referencing The Troubles and set out to write a crime thriller where locals could leave their allegiances, and the past, at the theatre door.

Some of the best up and coming actors from all over Northern Ireland travelled to the North Coast to be part of the film, some of which was shot in Flowerfield Arts Centre itself. Local bands and musicians supplied the pulsating soundtrack.

Well worth a viewing!