From Uganda to Bethlehem: how our Exodus youths are making a global difference

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WHILE THE local recession continues to take a firm grip it can be hard to remember that we are not the only ones finding it hard to make ends


Amidst this struggle, one of our own local charities, one we can often overlook, is continuing to fight for those less fortunate than


Exodus Coleraine is not just a youth organisation which provides opportunities for the young people of the area.

It’s also a charity which sends out missionary teams each year to help others all around the world.

This summer will see ten in-house teams going out from the Coleraine area. These missionary teams will be carrying out their remarkable work

in Romania, South Africa, Uganda, Spain and Bethlehem.

Although the money raised makes a huge difference to those that Exodus works with, fundraising is not their sole purpose.

They do not simply give the proceeds of their fundraising, but they give their time and energy to ensure they really make a practical


Rebekah Murphy, the Youth Ministry Co-ordinator at Exodus, told The Coleraine Times: “They could be involved in visiting widows, orphanages,

delivering food parcels, ministry through sport and music, teaching English and many more things which are a huge help and benefit to those

they go to work with.”

The teams are determined to make a lasting impact wherever they go, and however much they raise. The young people who get involved are age

fourth year and up. They are not your typical teens. They will be stepping out of their comfort zone in order to create opportunities, and to improve the lives of the people they come in contact with.

Big or small, from painting to working with orphans, the tasks they carry out continue to make a difference.

Exodus is providing people with all the things that we too often take for granted.

As Rebekah explained, they use the money raised for things like, “buying food for the food parcels, sporting equipment for small schools

in Africa, school equipment for children in Uganda, supporting local churches in their outreach and bringing som stability to their situations.”