Don’t buy expensive ‘diabetic’ chocolate, warns Diabetes NI Director

Dr David Chaney, Diabetes UK Northern Ireland National Director, has written a letter of advice for people who struggle to manage the condition at Christmas.


Scientists say nuts to heart disease

A daily handful of any type of nuts slashes the risk of heart disease and cancer, Britain's biggest killers.

Exercising is good for young minds

Lack of exercise slows up learning

Boys are failing at school because they don't get enough exercise which boosts oxygen flow to the brain, according to new research.

December 1 is World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day in Northern Ireland

Today is World AIDS Day.

That sickly feeling - beware the winter 'vomiting bug'

Health warning as winter vomiting bug spreads across Northern Ireland

The Public Health Agency (PHA) is making people aware of the presence of the winter vomiting and diarrhoea virus, also known as norovirus, circulating in the community.

A man suffering from stress

Should I disclose my mental health issues to my employer?

One in six workers experience stress, anxiety and depression at any given time but, more often than not, workers don’t disclose their problems and mental health remains a workplace taboo.

A doctor checking a child

New study reveals lack of awareness from parents at spotting symptoms of meningitis

Parents admit they would struggle to identify the signs of meningitis, spot if their child was being bullied - or even perform CPR on a baby or child, a study has found.

A number of buzzards have been killed.

Over 40 birds of prey illegally killed

Over 40 birds of prey have been illegally killed in Northern Ireland over the five years up to the start of 2015, a new report has found.

Men with more masculine tendencies are thought to be more at risk at suffering from mental health issues.

‘Laddish’ men more likely to have mental health issues

Typical ‘lads’ are more likely to suffer mental health problems, a new study suggests.

Health 1
Cathy and her granny Lilian McAuley

Local woman finds new TV ad ‘uplifting’

A beautiful animation called Santa Forgot has been launched by Alzheimer’s Research UK to remind people across Northern Ireland that dementia can affect anyone - and Coleraine woman has spoken of how “incredibly moving” she found it.

Catherine Skeet demonstrating the Vein Finder at Breathe Easy Meeting.

Big thank you letter to Breathe Easy Causeway for donation

The vital importance of providing expert medical care at home for people battling severe illness was emphasised at the November meeting of Breathe Easy Causeway, a subsidiary of the British Lung Foundation.

A study has found almost half of patients had not achieved an 'excellent recovery' six months later.

Physiotherapy a waste of time for ankle injuries claims study

Having physiotherapy for an ankle sprain is a waste of time - and no better than managing the injury at home, say scientists.

A youngster enjoying his milk

Full-fat milk leads to leaner children, says study

Children drinking full-fat milk are leaner than those given a low-fat option, a new study has revealed.

Pictured: front row: Hunter Kane, Bertie McWhirter, Kerry Marsh, Ivan Moffett, Claire Clarke. Back row: Yvonne Monteith (NICHS), Angela Campbell (volunteer), Soracha Cosgrove (volunteer).

Health charity’s new Support Services

A Post Rehab Exercise Programme for stroke survivors, which was launched by Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke (NICHS) in Coleraine in August, is making a difference to stroke survivors across the Triangle area and beyond.

The free bus service, run independently by supermarket retailer Tesco has been in operation in Coleraine for many years.

Disappointment as free bus service - popular with the elderly - to be axed by Tesco

MLAs are to meet Translink chiefs to discuss a community bus replacement as a free bus service, popular with the elderly, is to be axed by Tesco.

Office bully

How to survive having a nightmare boss

Over demanding, unprofessional, demeaning and unrealistic, if these traits sound strikingly familiar your boss sounds like a daily office nightmare.

Art Therapy for cancer patients

Art Therapy for cancer patients

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland is providing an art therapy service, free of charge, for cancer patients in the north coast area.

A woman receiving her prescription medicine from a pharmacist in Northern Ireland.

Co-codamol pain-killer use in Northern Ireland reaches 100 million tablets a year

The number of co-codamol pain-killers prescribed in Northern Ireland has reached 100 million a year as fears over widespread abuse increase.

New research has shown that stress can lead to increased alcohol consumption

Stress really does cause you to drink more

Stress really causes you to reach for the bottle more and could lead to a downward spiral of alcoholism, a study warned.

The winter vomiting bug is on its way say experts.

Winter vomiting bug is coming

As the autumn leaves fall from the trees, we can spot the stereotypical signs of winter - the sun low in the sky, shops putting up decorations… a sudden queasy feeling in the pit of the stomach.

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