Join in Pancake Tuesday say Council

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COLERAINE Borough Council is encouraging residents to ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ and get involved in Pancake Tuesday.

Pancakes are traditionally made on Shrove Tuesday to use up any remaining butter, milk and eggs the day before Lent begins. It’s also a great opportunity to use up any leftovers from your fridge or kitchen cupboards, waste less and save more!

The mayor of Coleraine, councillor Sam Cole said: “Research shows that over 1 million unopened yoghurts are thrown away every day in the UK – 950 daily in the Coleraine Borough - and fresh fruit and veg tops the list of the most wasted food type.

“Each year in the UK we buy and then waste £12bn on food and drink which could have been eaten. That’s an average of £50 per month for a family. So instead of sending your leftovers to the bin, why not use them up for a Shrove Tuesday treat”.

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