Keep pressure on the Minister

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THE Causeway branch of UNISON is urging the local community to continue the campaign to keep Causeway A+E and acute services.

Kim Hall, local UNISON representative, said: “At present, the Population Plans and Transforming Your Care documents are out for public consultation so it’s the perfect time for people to write letters to the Health Minister or Chief Executive of the Trust saying why they would be opposed to any downgrades at Causeway.

“People possibly do not realise that if we lose A+E services, or even if they are closed during certain hours, this would have a knock on effect on lots of other services at Causeway which fall under the acute services umbrella.

“We would like to take the opportunity to thank members of the public who have taken the time to write a letter so far we will be forwarding a copy on to both the health minister and the Chief Executive of the Northern Trust. It is vital that people share their opinions regarding the hospital services in this area before it’s too late.

“If anyone would like to write a letter sharing their opinions or experiences regarding the possible loss of services at Causeway, start you letter ‘To whom it may concern’ and then please forward the letter on to Kim Hall or Claire Bolt, UNISON office, Causeway Hospital, Newbridge Road, Coleraine.

“Also please don’t forget to add your name and address. Alternatively you can e-mail your letter to

“We have also set up collection boxes for the letters in local shops and places of worship.

Anyone needkng any further information about the campaign can contact the Causeway UNISON office on 028 70327032 extension 5274.”