Knight has bothered no one say the UPRG

THE Coleraine Branch of the Ulster Political Research Group has defended Greysteel killer Torrens Knight and reiterated its claim that SDLP MLA John Dallat has carried out a vendetta against him.

Ali Crawford said: “As far as I am led to believe Torrens Knight has bothered no one in or around Coleraine since his early release up to the point where he has been found guilty, pending appeal of this alleged assault.”

Mr Crawford called on Mr Dallat to condemn “the republican thugs and drug dealers” who were running riot in the Heights area of Coleraine.

He added: “None of us want to see Northern Ireland go back to the way it was before, but with people like Mr Dallat, who has done more since Knight’s release in 2000 to stir up sectarian hatred in the Triangle area than Knight himself, it will be very difficult for any of us to put the past behind us.”