MLA McQuillan challenges comments on DVLNI

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East Londonderry MLA Adrian McQuillan has challenged the language that has been used in the ‘‘Quality Analysis Record Sheet issued on Future of Vehicle Registration and Licensing Services in Northern Ireland, part of the consultation document for DVLA.

The MLA said: I am saddened and disappointed at the language that has been used in the document.

“The document states ‘Although no issues were raised through the UK wide consultation, it is accepted that the issue of discrimination on the grounds of religion is a highly sensitive issue within NI.’

“I find this language very invasive and highly emotive to say the least. This exhibits a view that every single person working in DVLA in Northern Ireland are looked at as having sectarian views or being discriminatory towards others. This is a very damaging comment, especially since the opening sentence reads “Although no issues were raised”. If it is the case that everyone from Northern Ireland has the potential to be discriminatory - does this mean that other civil servants cannot be trusted to be unbiased in their daily duties? I think not!”