NRC implement high tech Desktop Virtualisation for students

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NORTHERN Regional College has introduced a new Desktop Virtualisation Infrastructure, to enhance the existing IT technology which will deliver a state of the art service, to its students.

The development, will give students a means to access their standard desktop; including applications and data, regardless of whether they are on-campus or at an external location.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, (VDI), is a means of allowing students to access their common desktop environment on a thin client or PC by means of accessing the performance of a server held in a data center or other remote location. Servers are accessed via the computing network and screen displays are transmitted by to the User, (Client), via the same process.

ICT is an essential part of the college’s resources to both attract students and support them in a dynamic learning environment. The move to the new virtual desktop solution brings both efficient and financial benefits to the College, now and in the future.

NRC Kevin Connolly, IT Operations Manager said, “We worked on this new solution with local computer company, SCC to develop leading edge technology to enhance the student’s experience.

“The technology not only allows them to study as and when they want to, but it also enables continuity of teaching and learning, anywhere and anytime the student needs access from any Campus or home. The student, through a common interface can access all of their files and documents and work on them as if at the college itself.”