Portrush Air de Service set to begin


WORK will begin later this month on a continental style parking area for motorhomes in Portrush.

In April last year Coleraine Borough Council agreed to proceed with the ‘Air de Service’ at the car park behind the fire station in Portrush, at a cost of £35,000.

The facilities are common in France where they provide fresh water, disposal for waste water and electrical hook up points.

The orginal plan was to accommodate up to 21 motorhomes at the Sandhill Drive facility, however at a meeting of Council last month, members were told that the site would only have ten spaces.

Despite the reduction in spaces, the cost will remain at £70,000 and will be funded by the NI Tourist Board and Council.

In a statement, Council stated that after design and analysis by the appointed design team ten spaces would be designated for the facility.

DUP councillor Mark Fielding is backing the venture, but questioned the costs.

He told The Times: “I have looked into the costs of similar facilities in both Carrickfergus and in Ards, and they were much less per motorhome space than Coleraine Council is getting and this is without funding from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

“Having spoken with motorhome owners I am not convinced that this site will be the air-de-service facility that they had initially envisaged, but will be more akin to a caravan park for Motorhomes.

“It appears we will become aware of the design of this facility as construction emerges. My main concern is - are we are getting value for money and will we get a return on our investment?

“Looking positively, I genuinely hope that when the facility opens it will prove to be a success, but, only time will tell.”