Rail and ferry is a cross border issue: Dallat

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A RECENT visit to Dail Eireann by a SDLP delegation established a willingness on the part of the Dublin Government to show interest in the future of both the Derry Rail Service and the Magulligan to Greencastle Ferry Service.

East Derry Assembly Member, John Dallat, who is party spokesperson on Regional Development, said: “While the Derry railway is currently undergoing a £20 million make-over it will fall far short of a high speed intercity rail service linked to the all-Ireland network.

“Co-operation with the Republic and finace from the Trans-European network scheme is a realistic possibility that Derry will have its rails reconnected to the remainder of the island.”

Mr Dallat revealed: “The Dublin Government showed a willingness to engage in discussions on the future of the Foyle Ferry Service operating between Magilligan and Greencastle.

“Again this makes common sense and is of mutual interest on both sides of the border. I hope we are now entering a new era which demonstrates a determination to address those transport issues which hinder cross-border travel both by rail and ferry.”