Recognition for Ballysally Nurturing Project

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COLERAINE Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership members were thrilled that one of their projects was a finalist in the Best Joint Initiative category for the Northern Ireland Local Government Awards last month.

The Ballysally Integrated Nurturing Project has been in receipt of Neighbourhood Renewal Funding from the Department of Social Development since 2011 and includes partners from Focus on Family, Ballysally Primary School, Ballysally Presbyterian Church and Coleraine Sure start Partnership.

The project aims to develop a ‘journey’ from birth to adulthood by raising educational attainment, providing parenting support and improving the health and wellbeing and the general quality of life for participants through specialised nurturing provision provided by each partner for their specific target group.

To date, the project has successfully increased educational achievement at Key Stage 4, increased confidence for all ages, provided support for vulnerable families and individuals and has provided employment in the area.

Ian Donaghey, Chair of the Coleraine Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership, said; “I am extremely pleased that the work of Coleraine Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership and specifically the Ballysally Integrated Nurturing Project has been recognised.

“For a community based project to be shortlisted against two commercial projects is a success in itself and shows the commitment and belief of members in addressing the needs of the Neighbourhood Renewal Areas in the Coleraine Borough.”

Anne Currie, Neighbourhood Renewal Area Manager, Department of Social Development commented: “”e are delighted to see this project as a finalist in the Best Joint Initiative category.

“This project is an excellent example of how collaborative working can provide a more effective joined-up service.

“Without the support of Neighbourhood Renewal funding this project would not have taken place and those children, young people, adults and senior citizens would not have experienced the benefits of these wide ranging services”.