REVEALED: Who is favourite to top the East Londonderry poll?

Northern Ireland will go to the polls on Thursday.
Northern Ireland will go to the polls on Thursday.
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A local book maker is giving punters odds on who will be elected following Thursday’s election.

McClean bookmakers have listed the following candidates to take the six seats for the East Londonderry constituency.

O’Hoisin (SF) 1/33

McQuillan (DUP) 1/12

Robinson (DUP) 1/12

Mullan (SDLP) 1/8

Bradley (DUP) 1/6

McCandless (UUP) 1/5

Odd for other candidates to take a seat are: Sugden (Ind) 5/2; Callan (UUP) 3/1; Archibald (SF) 4/1; Archibald (SF) 4/1; Armstrong (TUV) 6/1; Boyle (All’) 8/1;

Watton (PUP) 10/1; Parkhill (UKIP) 25/1; Hammill (Green) 40/1; Harding (Cons’) 40/1; Canning (Cons’) 50/1; Christie (Ind) 50/1

Sinn Fein’s O’Hoisin is favourite to top the poll at 2/1, followed by Robinson (DUP) at 5/2; Bradley (DUP) 3/1 McQuillan (DUP) 3/1 McCandless (UUP) 4/1

Mullan (SDLP) 5/1.

Odds on other candidates to top the poll are:

Sugden (Ind) 5/1

Archibald (SF) 10/1

Armstrong (TUV) 12/1

Armstrong (TUV) 12/1

Boyle (All’) 16/1

Callan (UUP) 16/1

Watton (PUP)33/1

Parkhill (UKIP) 50/1

Hammill (Green) 80/1

Canning (Cons’) 100/1

Christie (Ind) 100/1

Harding (Cons’) 100/1