Stamped, sealed and delivered!

Kilrea Brownies Unit. INCR05-333S
Kilrea Brownies Unit. INCR05-333S

A Kilrea Brownie Unit has collected stamps for the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Kenny Gibson, 65, came to collect the stamps from the Brownie Unit.

Kenny has been deaf for fifteen years following an injury to the brain.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People heard about Kenny’s Deafness and responded by giving Kenny Troy, a hearing dog specially trained for helping to aid people like Kenny.

However, Kenny’s dog Troy didn’t just help aid Kenny he also saved the life of Kenny’s wife Sheila by alerting Kenny that Sheila had fallen.

Thankfully because Troy was able to alert Kenny of Sheila’s fall Sheila is alive and well today.

Hearing about the life changing work that Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have done the Kilrea Brownie Unit started to collect used stamps to donate to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in order to help them reach out to more deaf people.

Over the past number of years the Kilrea brownie unit has raised money for the World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F.), the Marie Curie Cancer fund and has previously collected stamps for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as well.

If you want to learn more about Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and the work which the do then check out their website at for more information on the subject.