The Man Who Left The Titanic at the Riverside

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As the great liner Titanic sank between the waves on April 15th 1912, J Bruce Ismay, Managing Director of the White Star shipping line, stepped into a lifeboat and sailed away from the stricken ship.

This new play, still in Titanic’s anniversary year, evokes that terrible time and asks whether Ismay did what any of us might have done, under similar circumstances.

Was he a coward or merely human?

This must see performance will be at the Riverside Theatre on Thursday, October 25.

Tickets are on sale now from the Boxoffice priced at £13 (£10 for concessions).

Also this month, the Coleraine theatre will bring the classic ballet ‘The Nutcracker’ to local audiences.

It’s a cozy Christmas Eve at the Stahlbaum’s house. Their house is decorated with Christmas ornaments, wreaths, stockings, mistletoe and in the center of it all, a majestic Christmas tree. As the Stahlbaum’s prepare for their annual Christmas party, their children, Fritz and Clara, wait anxiously for their family and friends to arrive.

When the guests finally appear, the party picks up with dancing and celebration.

A mysterious guest arrives dressed in dark clothing, nearly frightening Fritz, but not Clara. Clara knows he is Godfather Drosselmeyer, the toymaker. His surprise arrival is warmly accepted and all the children dance and carry on with laughter.

This magical performance will take place on Saturday, October 27.

For booking information log on to uk