The scandal’ of £5,000 payment to killer Averill

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A Tory MP has slammed judges in Strasbourg who have paid out £4.4 million to recipients including murderers, rapists, paedophiles and terrorists such as former IRA man Liam Averill.

The House of Commons figures have led Philip Davies to describe the payouts as “an absolutely scandalous waste of money”.

Mr Davies, who obtained the figures and placed them in the Commons library, said: “I’m not aware of my decent law-abiding constituents running off to the European Court of Human Rights.

“It is a charter for illegal immigrants and criminals.”

Mr Davies added: “The sooner we scrap the Human Rights Act and leave the European Convention on Human Rights the better.”

Liam Averill, a republican who was dubbed Mrs Doubtfire after an escape in drag from the Maze Prison in December 1997, was awarded £5,000 because he had no lawyer for 24 hours after his arrest.

Averill was jailed for life in December 1995 for the murder of two men as they sat in a car in Garvagh in 1994.

During a Christmas party for children in the jail, he disguised himself as a woman visiting the prison and was transported out of the Maze.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said:“As I’m sure the victims and their families feel, I find it very unpalatable such sums are being handed over to some very unpleasant individuals.”