Tricolour flag ‘have nothing to do with McDaid trial’

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THE widow of Kevin McDaid has dismissed claims that the recent flying of Republican flags in the Somerset Drive area of Coleraine is directly related to the court trial into his death.

Evelyn McDaid moved this week to disassociate herself and her family from the erection of tricolours in the area.

There was cross party criticism of new flags being raised the Somerset Drive/Pates Lane area last week just a fortnight after they were removed in a bid to improve community relations.

There had been suggestions by some that this was related to the upcoming trial of those charged in connection with the death of the Catholic father of four.

In a statement to The Coleraine Times, his widow Evelyn, said that she wished to express that she and her family considered the flags to be in no way connected with the trial.

She added: “This is a difficult time for our family and we do not condone the flying of any flags to acknowledge allegiance to any side of this trial.”

Twelve men accused of the manslaughter of Mr McDaid have been returned for trial. He was attacked outside his home in Somerset Drive, Coleraine, in May 2009.