UPRG deny allegations in ‘Help For Heroes’ case

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We support our troops and any charity connected to them - that’s the message from the North Antrim and Londonderry UPRG.

In an exclusive statement to The Coleraine Times this week, the organisation denies allegations in a Sunday newspaper that they had any involvement in attempting to alter the outcome of a court case involving a Coleraine woman who stole from the ‘Help for Heroes’ charity.

Deborah Campbell of Redthorn Court in Coleraine was convicted earlier this month of stealing for the ‘Help for Heroes’ charity. Campbell was sentenced to six months in prison. She is appealing the sentence.

The UPRG statement said: “ This case was a matter for the courts to deal with. The UPRG would not condone any attempt to stand in the way of due process. We believe that the story is another attempt to highlight certain loyalists. The North/Antrim&Londonderry UPRG along with the North/Antrim/Londonderry UDA would like to make one thing clear- we support our troops and any charity connected to them.

“We would condemn any act of theft from this charity or any other charity for that matter.”