Walking the Colours Exhibition for town

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A new exhibition, Walking the Colours, opens in Coleraine Town Hall Friday, May 11 as part of the North East PEACE III Cultural Fusions Project.

The exhibition aims to explore a wide range of parading traditions across the project area.

The exhibition looks at the origins of parading organisations such as ancient orders that trace their symbols and practices back to medieval times, to trade guilds and youth organisations which are active today. It considers civic, sports, remembrance and honour parades along with unionist and republican traditions.

A distinctive and colourful array of banners, regalia and musical instruments will be on display thanks to the extraordinary generosity of a large number of individuals and organisations across the North East cluster and cross border.

Many have contributed their local stories and helped us to uncover some of the more complex histories of organisations tracing their origins back through the centuries.

Amongst the many highlights on display are prestigious trades banners over 200 years old, on loan from The Old Drogheda Society, Millmount Museum and the replica of the Davagh Banner on loan courtesy of Fr S. Nolan, Truagh Development Association, Blackwater Valley Learning Centre, Monaghan funded through PEACE II The exhibition runs in Coleraine Town Hall from May 11 to June 28, from 11am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays), admission free.