Council seeks community support to make bonfires safe

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Coleraine Borough Council is appealing to residents to be aware of the dangers of the bonfires in the run up to the annual Twelfth of July celebrations.

Council encourages local communities to assist public agencies in their efforts to reduce hazardous material and reduce environmental impacts having been made aware of hazardous material placed on a bonfire located on Housing Executive property at Articlave recently.

Kieran Doherty, Chief Executive of Coleraine Borough Council said, “While Council appreciates the bonfire in Articlave is now in a safer location than in previous years, there are still concerns about the substantial number of tyres and the potential damage that these can cause, both to the environment and to the health and well-being of the local community.

“Burning tyres and soft furnishings release extremely toxic fumes and black smoke, which depending on exposure can lead to either acute or chronic respiratory problems, irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes and in extreme cases possibly even cancer. Tyres containing petroleum products may leak into the ground beneath the fire, contaminating the land and the remaining wire from the burnt tyres is a safety hazard to both residents and those who must clean up.

“Council has a responsibility, in conjunction with other agencies, to ensure public health is protected by preventing the contamination of land and air and appeals to the community in Aritclave to support Council in its efforts to ensure the well-being of the community by upholding a safe and healthy environment for residents”.

Mark Alexander, Causeway Area Manager, Northern Ireland Housing Executive commented, “Housing Executive are keen to work with Coleraine Borough Council and other agencies and communities to minimize environmental damage and ensure public safety on Housing Executive property.

“We reinforce Council’s efforts in getting the community at Articlave to support agencies in the removal of the dangerous items and remain confident this issue will be resolved.”

Coleraine Borough Council is appealing for co-operation from the local community at Articlave to assist agencies in the removal of unwanted or dangerous materials from the bonfire and will continue in its efforts to facilitate safe and enjoyable Twelfth of July celebrations throughout the week.

For further information contact Environmental Services at Coleraine Borough Council on 7034 7171 or by email to es@colerainebc.gov.uk or visit www.colerainebc.gov.uk.


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