Creative Capers at Ballysally

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Parents of Ballysally Primary School pupils have been hard at work on a new mosiac for the school’s garden.

The ‘Creative Capers’ group, guided by the school’s Art Co-ordinator Linda Lewis, has been hard at work on a number of art projects.

Linda explained: “Creative Capers started a few years ago, it’s a parent pupil programme, which aims to develop home/school links.

“Some of the projects involve just the parents, others see the parents working with their children.

“It’s a chance for parents to step away from every day life and get creative.”

Parents we spoke to last week were full of praise for the project, saying it had given them a chance to meet new friends, and to get involved in activiites with their children.

Extended Schools Co-ordinator, Samantha Linton added: “This is a chance for us in Ballysally to break down barriers.

“For many parents, school wasn’t a good time for them, this gets them involved in school life and develops home/school links.

“It also gives them a some one-to-one time with their children. We have found that the parents involved have really benefited for the project.”

See our website - for a video of the mosiac and a sneak peak of the group’s next project!


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