How would a fireworks display be a better use of ratepayers’ money?

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SIR - I am writing in response to comments in your paper by Cllr Roma McAfee with regard to a trip to South Africa to celebrate the achievements of one of our own 100 years ago.

In a debating chamber Cllr McAfee decides to say nothing and then later she decides through your paper to say a lot and apologise to us the voters.

She would seem to make more comment in the weekly paper than in the Council Chamber.

The question I want to put to Cllr McAfee is - do you think spending £20,000 - £25,000 on a fireworks display at Hallowe’en, where our domestic animals are going mad for hours on end, is this the best way to spend ratepayers’ money?

I am not the only one to feel I wasted my vote.

Jean McKeown