Youtube appeal to save DVA jobs

A Youtube video and a petition with 20,000 signatures calling for the DVA jobs in Coleraine to be saved has been presented to Transport Minister Robert Goodwill.

The five minutes of footage features testimonies from Coleraine mayor David Harding, Coleraine Borough Council Chief Executive, Roger Wilson and Diamond Centre manaher Gwyneth McQuiston and other business figures outlining the devastating effect the loss of the jobs would have on the borough.

The very impressive video, produced by, was shown to Minister Goodwill when Environment Minister Mark H Durkan and trade unionists met him in London last week.

It outlines the huge effect the recession has already had on Coleraine with jobs being lost and shops closing.

Mayor Harding says: “Coleraine as a community will defend these jobs...people will think if these jobs could go, well what about mine.”

Council Chief Executive, Roger Wilson, says the loss of the CountyHall jobs is “going to present a huge challenge for this economy.” DVA worker Julie Hughes, reflecting on the impact of the closure of the local branch, she says: “It’s going to be a loss to Coleraine.”

To watch the video visit: