Cooke wins on main course

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Twenty-two handicapper John Cooke carded 40 points on Saturday to win Castlerock’s Stableford Sweep.

John finished a point in front of Tom Allen who scored 40 points off his mark of eleven. Top low man was John Bunting (12) who amassed 39 points and in the high section Raymond McMullan got 38 off his handicap of 15. Best gross went to William Hewitson for his 39 gross points and best of the Oldies was Jim Lamb with 36

What has four legs and howls?

Not a question you would expect to find in a golfing column but the answer will become clear. The Ayrshire Dogs Trust SWAT team were alerted recently to a mystery ‘howling’ that was heard close to Stranraer Golf Club. By the time they arrived the cause of the commotion was on board the ferry steaming north out of Loch Ryan, still howling! It seems that Castlerock’s Hon Sec Raymond Eakin and his partner Trevor Arbuckle were handed a 7/6 defeat, the dreaded ‘Dog Licence’ by Ian Lesley and Wilbert McCartney during their recent trip to the Ayrshire Club. I’m sure the event was not mentioned when they got back to Castlerock.

Ballycastle do the double in Seniors at the Rock

Ballycastle golfers took the top two places in the recent seniors Open at Castlerock GC. Finian McGarry (18) was top man with a score of 42 points while tem mate DP Taggart scored 38 off his eight handicap for second place. Third place went to home grown Alan Dickson for his effort of 38 off sixteen. The best visitor section was topped by Michael Carroll from City of Derry GC with another 38 points from his mark of eighteen.