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Level par for the opening eight holes and one over for the closing eight saw twelve handicapper David Lamont score 43 points to win the Saturday Sweep by two clear points.

Birdies at four and seven, both par fives, balanced out bogies at five and eight and resulted in 22 points being lodged in David’s account for the first eight. A good two at the short twelfth got him under par for the day but sixteen lurked and it took a six to get past it. This was the only single pointer of his day and “restricted” David’s back eight tally to just 21.

Two points back, on 41, came Derek Browne. His uneventful first eight gave up 17 points, mainly due to a couple of one point holes, but his last eight scores were very different. Ten points came from the first three of these and ten more came from the last three. In between there was a couple of two pointers but they all added up to 24 points back and 41 on the card for second spot on countback. The man to suffer from this strong tie breaking score was Derek Corbett. Steady scoring throughout the round got Derek 22 out and 19 back. But for a blank at the short fifteenth he would have been in there challenging for the top spot.