Sperrin and Thatch set for showdown

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With just one match left to play the League title is going to be decided this coming Friday night as Thatch Bar travel to the Sperrin needing a win to clinch the title, whereas a draw will be sufficient for the Sperrin who are looking to retain the title.

There were only two 180s hit this week, Chris Murray (Railway Arms) and Mervyn Greer (Scotch House). Highest Checkout this week was 100 by Richard McKeown (Scotch House).

Best Individual Legs this week: 17s - Gerard Dallas, Ali Owens, Stephen Collins, Jarlath McGarry; 18s - Alan Boyd x 2; 19s - Stephen McCarron, Barry McLaughlin; 20s - Stephen Pinkerton x 2, Mark McKeown, Stephen McCarron; 21s - Jarlath McGarry.


Villa 3 Sperrin Flights 5

Floyds B 0 Villa Swifts 8

Railway Arms 5 Berthas 3

Scotch House 5 Floyds A 3

Thatch 8 Social Club 0 (Walkover)

Kellys Inn v Cooleys (No Scoresheet)

Fixtures Friday 18th May:

Sperrin Flights v Thatch

Berthas v Villa

Villa Swifts v Scotch House

Floyds A v Railway Arms

Social Club v Kellys Inn

Cooleys v Floyds B