Sperrin Flights bounce back with victory

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Sperrin Flights travelled to the Thatch Bar in Limavady on Friday night knowing only a win would do if they were to keep themselves in the running for the League title after last weeks shock defeat to the Villa.

The Thatch on a great run with 10 wins out of 10 knew they would be facing possibly their toughest opponents of the year and so it proved with both teams exchanging blows it looked like this game was heading towards a draw with the score at 3-3 after six games. Sperrin Flights then took the seventh game to guarantee at least a point going into the last game. The last game proved to be a real nail-biter for both teams going to a deciding leg where Joe McLaughlin found himself needing 72 with his opponent David O’Hara sitting on a double but this was to be no obstacle for Joe who after starting his throw with five then hit 17 before taking the points for the Sperrin with a cool finish on the Bullseye to take the Sperrin back to within a point of the Thatch.

There was now an opportunity for the teams in third to get back into the title race, but unfortunately none of them could capitalize on the Thatch’s defeat with Villa and Berthas match finishing in a draw and Villa Swifts going down 5-3 to Scotch House. Floyds B got their first win of the year defeating Cooleys 7-1, while Kellys Inn continue to improve with their third straight win beating Social Club 5-3. The only other match of the night saw Floyds A come away from Railway Arms with a narrow 5-3 victory.

Player of the Week this week goes to Gary Watton of the Sperrin Flights who put in a superb performance to defeat the talented Danny O’Neill with legs in 16 & 20 darts as well a hitting his second 180 of the year. Pearse McGarry (Villa) also put in a good display to defeat Ronnie Elliott (Berthas) with legs in 20 & 21 darts as well as hitting the Highest Checkout this week of 116.

There were five 180s hit this week by: Gary Watton (Sperrin Flights), Stephen McNeill (Floyds B), Mervyn Greer, Christopher Greer (Scotch House) and Davy Glenn (Villa Swifts).

Highest Checkouts this week: 116 - Pearse McGarry (Villa); 101 - Jason McNeill (Kellys), Alan McVicker (Social Club); 97 - Tommy Dorrans (Floyds B); 95 - Aaron Hall (Railway Arms).

Best Individual Legs this week: 16 - Gary Watton (Sperrin Flights), Jimmy Elliott (Scotch House); 17 - Davy McGregor (Villa), Mervyn Greer (Scotch House); 18 - David O’Hara (Thatch); 19 - Jarlath McGarry (Villa), Richard McKeown (Scotch House), William Hutton (Railway Arms); 20 - Joe Donnelly (Thatch), Gary Watton, Stephen Pinkerton (Sperrin Flights), Rodney Kane, Philip Moffitt, Pearse McGarry (Villa), Christopher Greer (Scotch House), Gerald Dallas (Villa Swifts), Steven Campbell (Social Club); 21 - Conrad Watson (Thatch), Barry McLaughlin (Sperrin Flights), Pearse McGarry (Villa), William McKendry (Villa Swifts), Jason McNeill (Kellys Inn).

Fixtures Friday 23rd November

Floyds B v Social Club

Kellys Inn v Sperrin Flights

Thatch v Berthas

Villa v Floyds A

Railway Arms v Scotch House

Cooleys v Villa Swifts