Over-50s Exercise Club

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THIS week marks the launch of Coleraine Borough Councils Autumn, ‘Over 50s’ Exercise Programme’ at the Jim Watt Sports Centre in Garvagh.

Richard Dennison, Rural Facilities Assistant Manager at Coleraine Borough Council, said: “Chair exercise is an innovative new way in which anyone can get the exercise they need to help burn off calories, increase muscular endurance and strength, improve coordination, balance, flexibility and it is beneficial for improving cardiovascular health too! The exercises are done at a pace to suit everyone in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.”

Although primarily aimed at the over 50 age group, men and women of all ages and abilities can attend. Members of the public with specific medical needs can be discussed with Richard Dennison, Rural Facilities Assistant Manager prior to attending.

Nicola Brown from the Northern Health and Social Care Trust said: “Chair-based exercises provide an excellent opportunity for older people to engage in a physical activity programme on a regular basis which is tailored to their needs. It is recommended that older people are physically active at a moderate level for at least 150 minutes each week and should include some exercises to increase muscle strength and improve balance and coordination. It is never too late to take up a physical activity programme and reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. These include increased mobility, reduced risk of falls, better sleep, increased social opportunities and prevention and management of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, CHD, cancer and stroke.”

Everyone is invited to come along and attend a ‘session’ at the Jim Watt Sports Centre on Thursdays from 1.30pm until 2.30pm. The cost is £2.00 per session and participants can avail of a session in the Gym at Garvagh after the class at no extra cost.

Contact Richard Dennison on 028 29558686.