Are you having an Ulster Scots wedding?

Tern TV are producing a new Ulster Scots magazine series for BBC2 Northern Ireland, kicking off in May/June.

Friday, 11th April 2014, 4:00 pm

In this weekly programme, they will travel across Northern Ireland, uncovering all manner of fascinating stories, people and events that relate to Ulster Scots community and culture.

The programme will have a similar format to BBC1’s The One Show, as they will interview guests while also showing short, topical films about Ulster Scots culture.

As part of the series, Tern TV would love to follow a couple who are planning an Ulster Scots wedding in Northern Ireland. They would film them at key points in the build up to their Big Day, showing how they build their wedding around the Ulster Scots theme - selecting the right tartan for the groom’s kilt, choosing a traditional Ulster Scots band and perhaps even arranging to have their readings/vows read out in the Ulster Scots language.

It would be great to find a couple who’re really going for it with the Ulster Scots theme but if they are just incorporating certain elements, such as the kilts and the music, that may be of interest too.

Tern TV are still in the early stages of planning and are just looking at who we potentially might be able to film at this stage.

It wouldn’t be a big disruption for the couple as the cameras wouldn’t be there all the time.

They would simply check in with them at key moments such as choosing the right tartan for the kilts, selecting their menu and so on. Then, they would be there for a short time on the Big Day to film as their Ulster Scots wedding comes together.

In terms of timings, the wedding would ideally be happening in September/October although there may be some flexibility with the date so we would be interested in hearing about any Ulster Scots weddings happening from May onwards.

If you would be intrested in talking park in this new Ulster-Scots series e-mail the Ullans Centre on [email protected] and we will pass on your details to Tern TV.