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3000 years ago an on-the-run musician wrote songs while hiding in caves.

Tuesday, 7th October 2014, 12:12 pm
Andy Rogers. INCR16-132S
Andy Rogers. INCR16-132S

His lyrics survived - we’re recording them in an Irish cave!

Somewhere in the Middle East, around 1000 years BC, a musician was on the run from his powerful but insecure and jealous Father-in-Law over some political shenanigans.

He hid in caves and wrote songs from his experiences.

Andy Rogers. INCR16-132S

This project is about those songs...

Songs of honest pain and desperation, songs of hope, prayer songs fueled by a vision beyond intimidation and fear.

Those songs have been handed down to this day.

The Cave Sessions are about taking those words and creating songs and music inspired by them, then performing them... in a cave!

“This first Cave Session will be an audio and video project based on Psalm 57,” explained Andy Rogers, who is one of the musicians behind this special project.

“A live performance recorded and filmed in an atmospheric Northern Irish cave with amazing musicians and other artists including Joanne Hogg from the band Iona.

“Production and engineering on a project like this is challenging but fear not!

“We’re in the capable hands of Stu Reid.

“Stu has worked with the likes of Plan B, Duran Duran, Killa Kela, So Solid Crew, Big Brovaz, Muse, Saint Etienne, Liberty X, Daniel Beddingfield and Tom Copson and his music has appeared on various Films and TV shows including The Children, Grey’s anatomy, Ghost Whisperer and acclaimed short, Invisible.”

You can get involved in this extraordinary project by pledging funds towards the recording.

You can pledge as little as you want or as much as you want.

“Giving as little as a £1 will get you a digital download of the demo versions of the songs and for one of the pledges you can even get an amazing oil can guitar built by ‘Chicken Bone’ John!

“This guitar was inspired by the DIY guitars from the townships of South Africa where the materials of choice were used oil cans, a piece of wood and a string or two!

“By backing this project now at the funding stage you’ll be helping to create something unique, you’ll get access to it before the general public, you’ll get unique backer only versions of the music and video and you’ll be considered a worthy and honourable patron of the arts!”

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