‘Wyl Hallions’ farming song

They’re ‘Wyl Hallions’...but talented with it!

Friday, 30th April 2021, 12:41 pm

Step aside, Boyzone and Take That, there’s a new boy band on the scene - three Coleraine farmers called Mark Easton, Dave McLaughlin and Paul Blue.

The boys have written a song about farming, accompanied by a slick video and it’s becoming quite the talking point. 

The hilarious song tells the story of a budding romance for a young farmer which is thwarted because he has to spend all his time farming.  

The Wyl Hallions
The Wyl Hallions

It’s titled: “Eat, Sleep, Farm, Repeat - a song about farming, written by men who have never farmed”.

Mark explained: “We were a little bored during one of our lockdowns, so we decided to write a comedy song about farming.

“We had joked about how hard it must be to become a successful musician in Northern Ireland, unless you sang about stereotypical Northern Irish subjects - hence the farming.

”One thing turned to another, and we ended up writing and recording the song in a couple of days.

”I grew up in Coleraine, Paul’s from Portstewart and Dave from Bushmills. We actually used his dad’s farm to film the video.

“We shot the video ourselves for the most part. Our hopes for the video are pretty simple - it’s been a creative outlet for us chaps, while trying to make people laugh during what’s been a pretty abysmal year.”