Cups and shields galore for our Castleroe pupils

Castleroe Primary School held their very successful annual Prize Day last month.

Thursday, 5th July 2018, 10:58 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:08 pm
Castleroe Primary Prize Day winners.

The morning began with an assembly which was conducted by the Primary Seven pupils.

The songs, prayers and bible readings invited pupils and parents to focus on the Kingship of God and thanked God for his care throughout another year.

Mrs Williams, Principal, then addressed the audience. She welcomed the governors, parents and friends and thanked everyone for their support throughout the year, and for how they had encouraged the pupils and staff in all that they had endeavoured to achieve.

She then gave a special welcome to Mrs Agnes Kennedy and Mrs Rose Watson who presented the awards to the pupils. She informed everyone that Mrs Watson, had been

Senior Clerical officer of Castleroe Primary School for 28 years and had made the decision to retire. Mrs Williams expressed her gratitude to Mrs Watson who she said has been invaluable to us all, pupils, parents and staff. She then turned her attention to Mrs Agnes Kennedy who, she said, had been a faithful and very valued member of the school community first as a teacher and then as an EA rep on the Board of Governors.

She thanked everyone for their support throughout the year, and for how they had encouraged the pupils and staff in all that they had endeavoured to achieve.

Mrs Williams addressed the pupils first. She told them how proud she was of each of them and commended them for the way in which they had grown in ability and confidence as the year had progressed. She noted the joy and enthusiasm with which they participated in the life of the school and encouraged them to continue to fulfil their potential.

She then addressed staff and governors. She thanked all members of staff for the diligent way in which they carry out their respective roles. She noted how the happy ethos of the school is tangible on entering the building and commended staff for all that they had achieved throughout the course of the year. She gave a special thanks to Mrs Redpath, who has been teaching in primary seven for Mrs Crooks, and commended her for the way in which she was able to integrate into the life of the school, instantly becoming a member of the Castleroe family.

Mrs Williams outlined the wide ranging after school’s provision provided at Castleroe Primary School and informed parents of how these clubs were to develop in the next academic year to include Spanish and Football. She thanked Mr Stephen and Grace Chambers, Local Directors for CEF, for once again taking responsibility for organising our Good News Club. She also thanked Mrs Helen Martin, parent volunteer, for the assistance that she had provided each week. Mrs Williams spoke about how much pupils had enjoyed and benefited from attending the Good News Club. Stephen, Grace and Helen were then presented with gifts in recognition of their work.

Mrs Williams then went on to praise the effort put in by all the ladies and gentlemen who form the PTA. She said that she was amazed by the work of all involved from those who have held positions of responsibility such as treasurer or secretary, to those who have made tea or sourced items for the craft fair. She thanked the PTA for raising a considerable amount of money which had enabled the school to purchase a new data projector and screen and hoodies for the primary seven leavers. It has also enabled the school to book buses for the school trips and to consider new projects such as tarmacking in the playground and making the football pitch wheelchair accessible. Mrs Williams then handed over to the Chair of the PTA, Mrs Joan Laverty who thanked parents for their support.

Turning to the first of the special guests, Mrs Williams thanked Rose for all that she had done for her throughout her first year as principal of Castleroe Primary School. She thanked her for her patience while she found her feet, kindness when she asked endless questions and calm and resilient nature. She spoke for all of the staff as she expressed how Rose would be sorely missed on a daily basis. Mrs McFaul then recited an amusing poem about Mrs Watson’s time in Castleroe.

Mrs Williams then turned her attention to the P7 pupils. She noted how each pupil was special, that some were talented athletes, gifted mathematicians, skilled orators, exceptional problem solvers and remarkable musicians. She said that while they had gained much from the school community they had given much in return to the school and would be missed! Records of achievements were then distributed by Mrs Kennedy and Mr Mc Millan, Senior Teacher, who concluded this section by encouraging the pupils to pursue their passions as they take the next steps in their educational career and wished them well.

Mrs Kennedy shared some memories of her 55-year association with the school. She spoke eloquently about how they school had changed throughout the time in which she had been associated with it firstly as a Foundation Stage teacher, later as a Key Stage Two teacher and finally on the Board of Governors. After her speech she was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Mrs Williams concluded her speech by thanking two other members of the Board of Governors who were leaving their posts. She spoke warmly about Mrs Heather Rainey

and thanked her for her 24 years of faithful service as a governor. She thanked her for the countless hours that she had given on a voluntary basis both in attending meetings and in training to ensure that decisions were made in line with policy in the best interests of the school and its pupils.

Mrs Williams then turned her attention to Mrs Tuesday Pollock who has been a Parent Representative for the past four years. She thanked her for giving endlessly of her time and effort to not only be a very valued member of the board, but also for taking on the extra responsibility and training required to her Safeguarding Governor. Mrs Williams brought the thanks of the school community for all Tuesday and Heather had done on their behalf, but also added her own personally thanks for their support in her first year in role as Principal, as they were presented with a bouquet of flowers.

In bringing proceedings to a close Rev M Goudy, Chairman of Board of Governors congratulated the principal, staff and pupils for the achievements of the past year. He commended the staff for the way in which they sought to make learning accessible and fun for all of the pupils. He then closed in prayer and wished everyone a happy summer holiday.


Matthew Taylor Cup for Excellent Progress in Swimming – Evan Jonhson, Savannah Termonia

Swimming Prize for Distance - Lorena Lee

Mark & Anne Goudy Cup for Art - Madison Milligan

Mitchell Cup for Creative Writing - Ryan Strong

Castleroe Numeracy Cup - Sam Cochrane

Mrs. Heather McFaul - Music Shield - Holly Gillespie

The Creelman Shield – Good Citizenship Shield - Caitlin McDowell

Key Stage 1 - Mrs. Gladys Henry - Alfie Walker and Mrs. Alison Steen - Isla Watson

Key Stage 2 - Castleroe Primary School - Oliver Watson - Eden Craig

William Kennedy Memorial Cup - Progress - Faith Jo Termonia

Jamie & Jaye Armstrong Cup for Sport - Oscar McMichael

Prize for ICT - Oliver Watson

Ellen Pauley Spelling Shield for Endeavour at KS1 - Laura Romanowska

Agnes Kennedy Speeling Cup for Endeavour at KS2 - Lauren Darragh

Drama Cup presented by The McSwiggan Family - Sarah Anne O’Connor, Lorena Lee

Foundation Art Cup presented by Rubinea McClelland - Mia Gault

Key Stage 1 Conduct Prize - Brooke Stewart - Owen Patterson

Mrs. McConaghie - Conduct Cup - Jack Bredin

Prizes were also awarded to Sports’ Day Winners and top achievers in the Accelerated Reading Programme in every class.