Mum cuts eye open after hospital error

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Christmas preparations for a local mother-of-two were thrown into jeopardy after a hospital blunder led to her eye being glued shut.

Natasha Galbraith (30) from Coleraine took drastic action, deciding to use a pair of scissors to cut off her eyelashes after an error at the Causeway Hospital meant that her eye had remained closed for four days.

Natasha took the decision to force her eye open, in order to go out and finish her Christmas shopping.

Her traumatic experience started when she attended the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine after a piece of fitness equipment broke and hit her on the face.

As a nurse was applying a paper stitch to a wound above her right eyebrow, medical glue ran into her eye - sealing it closed.

Natasha returned to the hospital the next day and was told by staff they were sorry and that all she could do was bathe her eye and the glue would dissolve within five days. This led to her remaining housebound as she was too embarrassed to go outdoors.

Health chiefs have said they are sorry for the “pain and discomfort” caused.