A and AS success at Grammar

Coleraine Grammar School has paid tribute to A level pupils who achieved academic success while coping with a difficult year with resilience and determination.

Friday, 13th August 2021, 12:52 pm

Three pupils: Colin Dickey, Ciaran Long and Alaister Moore achieved 4 A* grades.

Colin plans to study Physics at the University of Manchester, Ciaran is heading to Durham to study Physics and Alaister will be studying Mathematics at QUB.

Six other pupils gained 3 A* grades: Kirsty Dalzell (Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nottingham), Olivia Foster (Pharmacy at University of Ulster), Molly McCaw (Psychology at QUB), Nicole Pavey (Politics at University of Bath), Abby Tutty (primary teaching at Stranmillis) and Sian Wallace (Medicine at QUB).

Top AS grade achievers from Coleraine Grammar School

Head Girl, Diana Mathewson achieved 4 A grades which enables her to take up her place at Glasgow University to study Medicine. Head Boy Samuel McGurk achieved 2 A*s and one A grade and is applying to universities next year.

Other high achievers included James Beggs, Rachel Bradley, Harriet Dallas, Emily Dinsmore, Hannah Farlow, Amala Khan and Lucy McCallum who all achieved 2 A* and 1 A grade. These pupils are going to to a variety of universities including Keele, Newcastle and QUB to study courses such as Medicine, Computer Science and Accounting, and represent just a sample of the outstanding results our pupils achieved.

In total, 40 of our pupils gained at least 3 A grades in their A2 subjects.

AS candidates also had to navigate a different assessment process in 2021 compared to previous years. Again, pupils rose to the challenge and ultimately achieved some outstanding results. Some examples of our high achievers are as follows.

Top A level achievers from Coleraine Grammar School

Emma Mulholland and Romy Orr received 4 A grades in their AS subjects. Susan Green, Emily Kelly and Lucy Millar achieved 3 A grades and 1 B grade in AS subjects. Four mathematicians who completed their A2 Maths in one year all achieved an A* or an A in that subject: Sophie Galbraith achieved 3 As in her AS subjects and an A* in A2 Maths in a year. Joe Murray received 3 As in his AS subjects and an A in his A2 Maths.

Jamie Carruthers and Joshua Stewart both achieved 2 A grades and 1 B in AS subjects, plus an A* in their A2 Maths in one year.

In total, 31 pupils gained 3 A grades or above and this is very pleasing indeed – congratulations. These named pupils are just a sample of the many excellent AS grades our pupils achieved.

Well done to all our year 13s and we look forward to seeing you back at school again in the coming weeks.