A little bit of Coleraine’s history uncovered!

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A NORTH WEST business contacted us last week about an old wooden box they had been using in their shop.

Leona Kane and her husband Richard are behind the award winning ‘ Broighter Gold’ rapeseed oil.

The pair produce the oil from their farm in Myroe on the outskirts of Limavady.

Leona came across and old wooden box lurking in a corner, in a barn.

Thinking she could make good use of the box to display items in, Leona dusted it off and found the words ‘’Peerage Bottlers Ltd Coleraine’

And so Leona, who is a keen historian got thinking..

She posted a picture of the box on Twitter and was put in touch with us at The Coleraine Times.

The box originated from the old bottling plant at Beresford Avenue in Coleraine.

The building itself is still there today.

Local historican Robert Anderson explained:

“The bottling plant was situated in the old shirt factory at Beresford Road.

“The building was originally Rogers Shirt and Collar Works, you can still see remnants of the old lettering on the front of the building if you look closely .

“The shirt factory operated between 1894 and 1958.

At five storeys it was the tallest building in Coleraine for many years apart from churches. It lay empty for a while after Rogers closed until the bottling plant was installed on the ground floor, told Robert.

When we contacted Leona with these details, she was thrilled to find out about the background of her box.