Coleraine Borough Council invests in ‘e-car project’


IMAGINE plugging your car into charge whilst you do your grocery shopping...

Well that could be happening right here in Coleraine in the very near future.

Last Tuesday Coleraine Borough Council agreed to fund an initiative which will see the the installation of electric car charging points in the borough.

At the meeting, Gregor Kerr from DRD’s Regional Planning and Transportation Group gave a presentation to members detailing the inititiave known as the ‘e-car project’.

All Councils in Northern Ireland have the responsibility of reducing carbon emissions, and DUP alderman Maurice Bradley jumped at the chance to join the DRD project.

“This is a project that will set in place infrastructure that will protect our environment.

“We should support this.

“This is a small cost to save the environment,” said alderman Bradley.

The DUP man proposed that Council should fund the initiative, his proposal was backed by members.

Coleraine Borough Council joins 16 other Northern Ireland councils to fund the inititative.

Five rapid chargers will be installed across the Borough to allow people to top up their cars during the day.

The position of the chargers will be decided by Coleraine Borough Council at a later date.

Each charging point will cost approximately £11,000 to install and commission representing a total in Borough investment of £55,000.

The costs are shared between the Council and DRD. Council agreed to contribute £10,000 the remaining cost burden of £45,000 will be met by DRD sourced funding.

Members heard that a full charge in an electric car would enable a driving range of about 100 miles.

Mr Kerr told the meeting: “The public chargers give people the comfort of knowing that they charge their vehicles at any time.”

Following a question from Alderman James McClure about the cost of fully charging an electric car, Mr Kerr said: “It would cost £1.50 to fully charge an electric car, so it is 80 percent cheaper for the consumer,” he said.