DH Christie is top school on World Maths Day

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In the recent World Maths Day challenge the pupils at the DH Christie Memorial Primary School put in an extraordinary performance to place their school top in Northern Ireland for the most correct answers and for the most questions answered.

This event is organised by World Education Games and is an annual global online challenge to get students aged four and over excited about learning, and to give the top students in all schools an opportunity to see how they measure up against the best in the world.

Over 400 children from the Christie, along with 5.3 million children from 218 countries around the world, took part in a special event to mark World Maths Day. The children had a fantastic week of competition during which the school’s classrooms and ICT suite were a buzz of activity and strong competition. Pupils went online to race against the clock to complete maths problems.

As well as the outstanding collective performance of the Christie pupils to place their school top in NI, at the end of the week there was a special assembly in school when the top three children from each class were presented with their certificates and prizes.

Foundation Stage winners (Year 1 and 2) were Rebekah McBride, Daniel McGill, Matthew Murdock, Zara Chan, Ethan Buchanan, Dan McLean, Joel Madden, Danielle Reid, Jack Boyd, Eden Branter, Matthew McCaughey, Yana Walls, Jack Kaygun, Rory Logan and Chloe Trainor.

In Keystage 1 (Year 3 and 4) the pupils coming top were Kyle Jackson, Anna Shaw, Naomi Tagg, Saashi Ghaie, Emma Kennedy, Max Miller, Sam McMullan, James Neill, Cora McEwan, Curtis Campbell, Cameron Sinclair and Adam McCann.

Keystage 2 (Year 5, 6 and 7) pupils topping their classes were Thomas Frew, Mark Cusick, Henry McCallum, Marshall Neill, Sophie Galbraith, Martin Fiala, Conor Laverty, Ellen McIlrath, Neeka Hassan, Adam Cochrane, Beth Wray, Amelia McElhinney, Ben Doherty, Ben Groocock, Annie Levy, Shreya Ghaie, Lucia Watson, David Kennedy, Leah Myers, Joel Archibald and Miguel Burke.