Does Coleraine have its very own Banksy?

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STREET art - some love it, some hate it - but it seems Coleraine may have its very own Banksy!

Over the past few months thought provoking street art has appeared on the old Clothworkers Building at Waterside in Coleraine.

But mystery surrounds the artwork - we’ve made enquiries with various people about the paintings and as yet no one can give us any answers.

We even asked our readers through our facebook page if they knew anything - most were impressed by the artwork, but no one seemed to know who painted it or how it got to be where it is located.

The images are clever, in one we peak under a curtain at a ballet dancer and in the other a silhouette holds back a curtain to reveal a dazzling chandelier.

Do we have a Banksy in Coleraine?

Does anyone know the origins of the artwork?

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