Dr Eamon Phoenix history lecture

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North Antrim GAA presents eminent historian Dr Eamon Phoenix and his talk ‘The History of the Civil rights Movement in the North of lreland: From the Unionist State to the Troubles’ in Dunloy Parish Centre on Saturday, January 18 at 8pm.

Dr Phoenix has a long and esteemed career as a historian. This talk will briefly trace the history of the Northern state from partition; the Unionist state under Craigavon and Brookeborough; the impact of the British Welfare State and 1947 Education Act on the Nationalist minority; the 1956-62 campaign and how it caused a re-think among Republicans; the rise of O’Neill and the emergence of the Civil Rights movement by the late 1960s; the marches of 1968-69; the rise of Paisleyism; the reaction of Westminster and Stormont to the Civil Rights Campaign; the outbreak of the Troubles and the events of 1969-72.

Tickets (£5) are now on sale from North Antrim GAA clubs. The parish centre is located at 17 Bridge Road, Dunloy, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, BT44 9AN.