Getting batty about bats...

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THE Biodiversity officer for Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady and Moyle Councils hosted a series of ‘Bat Nights’ open to the public, to find out about these misunderstood flying mammals.

As part of the evening, there was some revelations to unveil the truth on some of the ‘old wives’ tales’ associated with them.

Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer, pictured, explained: “This is the third in the series of events as part of the Biodiversity Games, which is a recording project supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

“‘Your Heritage’ Programme in partnership with seven other Biodiversity Officers, aims to get people involved in supporting local biodiversity by ‘getting them recording’”.

The last bat event was held in Coleraine on August 9, enabling beginners and experts to get involved in bat detecting, recording and conservation. The talk and guided walk helped to dispel common myths, discuss the conservation issues and explore what local action can be taken to help bats.

The event was held in Coleraine Town Hall, and following a brief introduction, the group moved on to Christie Park and using bat detectors, they began to read frequencies which meant they were able to locate a number of bats, and listen to their calls.

Rachel added: “The event proved to be a huge success, there was an impressive turnout of both people and bats “Everyone came along prepared with their torches and detectors and where delighted to catch sight of this weird and wonderful mammal as they glided through the air.”

For further information on detecting bats in your area, log onto or Alternatively, contact Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer tel; (028) 7034 7272 or email;